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About DKJ

We started the DKJ foundation in 2001 soon after our father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 60. Our mission is to raise money and awareness to cure Alzheimer’s and support families affected by the disease by providing resources and guidance throughout their journey. All money raised by the David K Johnson Foundation is donated to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, Sanborn Place Home Care & Day Services and the David and Susan Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund.

We are very fortunate to have grown up in a wonderful, loving family atmosphere. Unfortunately, our father, David, was diagnosed with a progressive dementia at 60 and we lost our mother, Susan, at the age of 64. We want to promote and keep alive the “life lessons” we have learned from our parents and share these values with our children and others as well.

“Life Lessons”
Helping Others sounds simple. It is. Over the years, we have had an enormous amount of support from family and friends throughout our
community. When a family member is afflicted with one of these diseases, the help from others is essential to their quality of life.

Love, Support and Faith are the foundation of any family relationship. When a family is afflicted with progressive dementia or a related
disease, anger is a normal feeling. Stress can also become overwhelming, resulting in a great test to the family bond. For some, it is
harder than others. We believe that we have a responsibility to support others by sharing our own experiences.

Having Fun is a basic part of life. This is a part of life that those individuals with the disease and their family caregivers often miss.
We strive to make our events and fundraiser’s fun occasions. We think that this will contribute to the success of the foundation and
to the well being of the people in which it serves.

Our Foundation Story


A Cure
Continued Education
helping families
and those affected

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